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Confirmed Invited Speakers

Tommaso Bellini, University of Milano, Italy Origin and propagation of chirality in DNA liquid crystals
Roberto Berardi, University of Bologna, Italy Computer simulations of nematic nanodroplets on surfaces
Noel Clark, Boulder, Colorado Observation of a Twist-Bend Helix of 8nm pitch in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Phase of Achiral, Bent Molecular Dimers
Ivan Dozov, Université Paris-Sud 11, France Electric Field Effects in Aqueous Colloidal Suspensions of Anisometric Nanoparticles
Oriano Francescangeli, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy The cybotactic nematic phase of bent-core mesogens: An overview of recent developments
Thomas Gibaud, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France Interplay between chirality and geometrical constrains in colloidal membranes
Helen Gleeson, University of Manchester, UK Physical Properties of Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystals
Helena Godinho, Polymeric and Mesomorphic Materials Group at CENIMAT, Lisbon Pt Liquid Crystal Necklaces Threaded by Thin Cellulose Fibres
Antal Jakly, Kent State, USA Nanoscale labyrinth patterns in layer-modulated bent-core materials
Efim Kats, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia Dynamics of pore formation in membranes
Samo Kralj, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia Nanoparticle-driven stabilisation of liquid crystalline structures exhibiting topological defects
Emmanuelle Lacaze, Institut des nano-sciences de Paris, France Tuning the anisotropic optical properties of gold nanoparticles/liquid crystal composites using the distortion of the liquid crystal matrix
Geoffrey R. Luckhurst, Univiversity of Southampton, UK The twist-bend nematic phase: Fact or fiction?
Georg Mehl, University of Hull, UK The design of self-organized nanocomposites for the construction of metamaterials
Mikhail Osipov, University of Strathclyde, UK Effect of nano-particles on the nematic-isotropic transition. Orientational order and phase separation effects
Edward T. Samulski, UNC Chapel Hill, USA The elusive molecular nematic phase
Ralf Stannarius, Universität Magdeburg, Germany Dynamics of thin fluid films
Hideo Takezoe, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan First detection of heat capacity change in anchoring transition
Uroš Tkalec, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia Tunable nematic flow in microfluidic environment
Carsten Tschierske, Martin-Luther- Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany Molecular design directed to biaxial nematics
Goran Ungar, University of Sheffield, UK Anisotropic, Isotropic and Helically Ordered Nanoparticle Arrays and Supercrystals by LC and induced LC Ligands
Jagdish K. Vij, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Spontaneous Periodic deformations and linear optical response in nonchiral bimesogens with a nematic-nematic transition
Timothy Wilkinson, Cambridge, UK Liquid crystal / carbon nanotube based metamaterials
Mark Wilson, University of Durham, UK Simulation studies of chromonic self-assembly and chromonic phase formation in aqueous solution using atomistic and coarse-grained approaches