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ECLC2013 – Sunday, 22/9

Registration, 17:00-20:00

Welcome Party, 19:30-

ECLC2013 – Monday, 23/9

23Sept_2 09.00 Opening of the ECLC-2013
Plenary Session 1 , Olympic Hall
09.15 I1. Georg MEHL, The design of self-organized nanocomposites for the construction of metamaterials
09.45 I2. Tommaso BELLINI, Origin and propagation of chirality in DNA liquid crystals
10.15 Coffee Break (10.15-10.30)
Special Thematic Session:”Plasmonics and LC composites“,
Coordinator: Toralf SCHARF
Emmanouelle LACAZE
Chair: Ana OMENAT
10.30 I3. Toralf SCHARF, Liquid crystal based plasmonic metamaterials I4. Maria Helena GODINHO, Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Drops Threaded by Thin Cellulose Fibres
11.00 Oleksandr BUCHNEV, Electrically Tunable Liquid Crystal Plasmonic Metamaterias Tommaso FRACCIA, Non-Enzymatic ligation of ultra-short DNA oligomers guided by Liquid Crystal ordering
11.20 Fernando MORAES, On the possibility of achieving thermal cloaking/concentration in nematics Irina TERENETSKAYA, Provitamin D photochemistry in liquid crystal physics: Fundamental and applied aspects
11.40 I5. Timothy D. WILKINSON, Liquid crystal / carbon nanotube based metamaterials I6. Efim KATS, Dynamics of pore formation in membranes
12.10 Dimitrios C. ZOGRAFOPOULOS, Liquid-crystal long-range plasmonic switches Alexander EMELYANENKO, Smooth transitions between biaxial intermediate smectic phases
12.30 Lunch Break 12.30-15.30
Special Thematic Session: “Plasmonics and LC composites
Session Chair:
Session Chair:  Stavros PEROUKIDIS
17.00 I7. Goran UNGAR, Anisotropic, Isotropic and Helically Ordered Nanoparticle Arrays and Supercrystals by LC and induced LC Ligands I8. Mark WILSON, Simulation studies of chromonic self-assembly and chromonic phase formation in aqueous solution using atomistic and coarse-grained approaches
17.30 Delphine COURSAULT, Interplay between smectic dislocations structure and gold nanoparticles self-organization Martin WALKER, Simulation studies of non-ionic chromonics
17.50 Kostyantyn SLYUSARENKO, The infrared dichroism of gold nanorods aligned in a lamellar matrix can be controlled by a magnetic field Makoto YONEYA, “de Vries”-like hexagonal columnar phase of octa-alkyl substituted phthalocyanines: A molecular dynamics simulation study
18.10 I9. Emmanuelle LACAZE, Tuning the anisotropic optical properties of gold nanoparticles/liquid crystal composites using the distortion of the liquid crystal matrix I10. Roberto BERARDI, Computer simulations of nematic nanodroplets on surfaces
18.40 Discussion, flash presentation of posters and concluding remarks of the Special thematic Session:Plasmonics and LC composites Giorgio CINACCHI, Phase behaviour of hard helices
19.00 Coffee Break and Poster Session I (continued)
19.45 End of First Day

ECLC2013 – Tuesday, 24/9

24Sept_2 Plenary Session 2, Olympic Hall
Martin ČOPIČ
09.00 I11. Noel CLARK, Observation of a Twist-Bend Helix of 8nm pitch in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Phase of Achiral, Bent Molecular Dimers
09.30 I12. RALF STANNARIUS, Dynamics of thin fluid films
Coffee Break (10.00-10.20)
Special Thematic Session, “The Nx phase
Coordinator: G. H. MEHL
Session Chair:
Carlos CRUZ
Session Chair: Michel MITOV
10.20 I13. Geoffrey R. LUCKHURST, The twist-bend nematic phase: Fact or fiction I14. Uros TKALEC, Tunable nematic flow in microfluidic environment
10.50 Maria-Gabriela TAMBA, The investigation of dimeric materials with a nematic – nematic phase transition Artur GEIVANDOV, The induction of reflection bands in CLC layer with electric field pulses
11.10 Claire MEYER, Optical Measurement of the Conical Angle in the Twist-Bend Nematic Phase of the Bent-Shape Mesogenic Dimer CB7CB Akihiko SUGIMURA, Non-uniform Distribution of the Nematic Director during
the Field-Induced Relaxation Process
11.30 James EMSLEY, NMR studies on the proposed twist-bend nematic phase of the symmetric dimer CB7CB Kirsten HARTH, Coalescence dynamics of islands in free-standing smectic films
11.50 Anant KUMAR, Orientational order and conformational statistics of symmetric dimers in their nematic phases Mohamed EL KETARA, Light-induced topological defects in nematic liquid crystals
12.10 Cristina GRECO, Enantiotopic Discrimination and Director Organization in the Twist-Bend Nematic Phase Christophe BLANC, Microparticles confined to a nematic liquid crystal shell
Lunch Break (12.30-15.30)
15.30 Poster Session II
Special Thematic Session, “The Nx phase
Session Chair: Georg H. MEHL
Session Chair: Alexandrer EMELYANENKO
16.45 I15. Jagdish K. VIJ, Spontaneous Periodic deformations and linear optical response in nonchiral bimesogens with a nematic-nematic transition I16. Mikhail OSIPOV,Effect of nano-particles on the nematic-isotropic transition. Orientational order and phase separation effects
17.15 Martin ČOPIČ, Softening of the Bend Elastic Constant in Flexible Liquid Crystal Dimers Causes Transition to a Modulated Nematic Phase Alfredo MAZZULLA, Self-organized chiral microspheres; optical control and applications
17.35 Carlos CRUZ, NMR relaxometry study of the CB-C9-CB liquid crystal dimer Gonzague AGEZ, Self-organized Cholesteric Liquid-crystalline Microlenses Arrays
17.55 Discussion,flash presentation of posters and concluding remarks of the Special thematic Session: “The Nx phase Charles LOUSSERT,Optical vortex beams from nematic liquid crystals disclinations
18.15 Discussion,flash presentation of posters and concluding remarks of the Special thematic Session: “The Nx phase Mikhail SMAYEV, Light-induced director reorientation and photoisomerization in nematic liquid crystals doped with azobenzene dopants
18.35 Coffee Break and Poster Session II(continued)
19.45 End of Second Day

ECLC2013 Wednesday, 25/9

25Sept_2 Plenary Session 3, Olympic Hall
Chair: James EMSLEY
09.00 I17. Hideo TAKEZOE, First detection of heat capacity change in anchoring transition
09.30 I18. Edward SAMULSKI, The elusive molecular nematic phase
Coffee Break (10.00-10.20)
Session Chair: Akihiko SUGIMURA Session Chair: Dietmar JANIETZ
10.20 Philipp KAHL, Hidden solid-like properties in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals Victor ZYRYANOV, Electrically-controlled anchoring transitions in nematics doped with ionic surfactant
10.40 Atsuki ITO, Orientational structure transition in the cholesteric phase observed by two-photon fluorescence microscopy Giacomo SAIELLI, Coarse-grained MD simulations of the mesomorphic behaviour of 1- hexadecyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate
11.00 Rui TAMURA, Influence of applied electric fields on the positive magneto-LC effects observed in the ferroelectric liquid crystalline phase of a chiral nitroxide radical compound Chris WELCH, New non-ionic chromonic systems
11.20 Kirsty HOLDSWORTH, Nematic polymer particles with tuneable optical properties Takahiro ICHIKAWA, Development of 3D continuous gyroid minimal surface formed by self-organization of amphiphilic zwitterions and its physicochemical property evaluated from the viewpoint of ion conduction behavior
11.40 Marco SACCONE, Engineering photoresponsive liquid crystals through halogen bonding Evangelos NTARARAS, Design and Study of Gold(I) Containing Liquid Crystals
12.00 Wenjun ZHENG, Alignment of liquid crystals in polydimethylsiloxane confinements Yann MOLARD, Clustomesogens: Liquid crystal containing transition metal clusters
Coffee Break 12.20-12.30
Plenary Session 4, Olympic Hall
Chair: Constantinos PALEOS
12.30 I19. Helen GLEESON, Physical Properties of Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystals
13.00 “Liquid Crystals” award: The Samulski-Luckhurst Prize
13.10 Claudio ZANNONI (Chairman of the ILCS) and Geoffrey R. LUCKHURST “In memory of George Gray”
13.35 Lunch Break
Social Event

ECLC2013 – Thursday, 26/9

26Sept_2 Plenary Session 5, Olympic Hall
Chair: Stephen PICKEN
09.00 I20. Oriano FRANCESCANGELI, The cybotactic nematic phase of bent-core mesogens: An overview of recent developments
09.30 I21. Carsten TSCHIERSKE, Molecular design directed to biaxial nematics
10.00 Coffee Break (10.00-10.20)
Special thematic session: “Biaxial Nematics
Coordinator and Chair: Carsten TSCHIERSKE
Session Chair: Zdravko KUTNJAK
10.20 Lech LONGA, Stability of biaxial nematic phase: a role of fluctuations. Yo SHIMIZU, Miscibility of Liquid Crystals for Nano-Structured Blends towards Organic Photovoltaics
10.40 Demetri PHOTINOS, NMR Evidence of Monoclinic Symmetry in the Biaxial Nematic Phase of Oxadiazole Biphenol Mesogens Luka CMOK, Nematic fluctuations in swollen and strongly crosslinked liquid-crystal elastomers
11.00 Adam RIGBY, Understanding the phase behaviour of discotic rods under shearing forces. Helgard EBERT, honeycomb-like mesophases formed by x-shaped bolaamphiphiles with oligo(phenyleneethinylene) central core
11.20 Stavros PEROUKIDIS, Biaxial nematics and novel phase sequences of anisometric colloids. A simulation study. Tania OSTAPENKO, Buckling Instabilities of Liquid Crystal Filaments Under Compression Stress
11.40 Simon COPAR, Biaxial signatures in uniaxial nematics Michel MITOV, Evidence of graded stress of polymer network onto the helical structure of cholesteric liquid crystal gels
12.00 Discussion, flash presentation of posters and concluding remarks of the special thematic session “Biaxial Nematics
Lunch Break (12.20-15.30)
15.30 Poster Session III
Session Chair: M. Rosario de la FUENTE Session Chair: Ioannis LELIDIS
16.45 I22. Antal JAKLI, Nanoscale labyrinth patterns in layer-modulated bent-core materials I23. Ivan DOZOV, Electric Field Effects in Aqueous Colloidal Suspensions of Anisometric Nanoparticles
17.15 Yuri PANARIN, Uniaxial and Biaxial Order Parameters in the Orthogonal Bent-core Smectic LCs. Alexis de la COTTE, Electro-optical Effects in Colloidal Suspensions of Mineral Nanorods
17.35 Michal KOHOUT, General trends in structure – mesomorphic properties relationships of bent-core liquid crystals: Chemistry, physics and calculations Yasuyuki KIMURA, Interparticle force between nematic colloids
17.55 Fumito ARAOKA, Helical Nanofilament Assemblies of a Bent-core Liquid Crystal Molecule Aligned in the Nematic Director Field Alenka MERTELJ, Shape driven ferromagnetic ordering in suspensions of magnetic nanoplatelets in nematic liquid crystal
18.15 R. PRATIBHA, Macroscopic chiral symmetry breaking under applied electric fields in a bent-core liquid crystal Matthias LEHMANN, The control of folding in semiflexible star-shaped mesogens
18.35 Karol TROJANOWSKI, Chiral structures of nonchiral liquid-crystalline materials Giorgio MIRRI, Stabilisation of ordered colloidal structures and deformed defects by polymerisation of reactive liquid crystalline matrices
18.55 I24. Thomas GIBAUD, Interplay between chirality and geometrical constrains in colloidal membranes
19.30 Coffee Break & Poster Session III (continued)
20.00 Conference Banquet
Restaurant Thalassa, Paradise Mare

ECLC2013 – Friday, 27/9

Session Chair: Yo SHIMIZU Session Chair: Polycarpos PISSIS
09.00 Dietmar JANIETZ, Coil-Globule Transitions of Dye Functionalized Smart Polymers Jeroen BEECKMAN, Lasing and tunable optical amplification in non-chiral nematic liquid crystals
09.20 Philippe MARTINOTY, Gelation and Mechanical Properties of Nematic Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Gels Laurent PELLISER, Control of the polarization of single quantum dots emitters by a smectic liquid crystal matrix
09.40 Leah HEIST, Liquid Crystal Thermosets: Precursors to Ultra-High Performance Polymers Viorel CIRCU, Emissive liquid crystalline materials based on W and Mo octahedral clusters
10.00 Ana OMENAT, Liquid crystalline dendrimeric networks. Preparation and properties Maxim TOMILIN, NLC Application to Narcotics Microstructure Detecting
10.20 Valentina DOMENICI, New actuators made of bilayered composites based on Liquid Single Crystal Elastomer films covered by conductive thin films mesogens Maja TRCEK, Nanoparticle-induced twist grain boundary phases
Coffee Break (10.40-11.00)
Plenary Session 6, Olympic Hall
11.00 I25. Samo KRALJ, Nanoparticle-driven stabilisation of liquid crystalline structures exhibiting topological defects
11.30 George FLOUDAS, Self-assembly and Dynamics of Discotic Liquid Crystals of Nanographenes
11.50 Claudio ZANNONI, “In silico” liquid crystals in the bulk and at interfaces
Lunch (12.40-)
End of Conference


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