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Poster Session I

Monday, 23/9

Poster Session II

Tuesday, 24/9

Poster Session III

Thursday, 26/9



Poster Session I – Monday, 23/9

PI.1 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with tunable liquid crystal external cavity
Yi Xie
, Jeroen Beeckman, Krassimir Panajotov, and Kristiaan Neyts
PI.2 Synthesis and application of nanostructured anisotropic materials and conductive and alignment coatings
V. Bezborodov, S. Mikhalyonok, I. Zharski, O. Dormeshkin, A. Smirnov, A. Stsiapanau
PI.3 Anisotropic polyfunctional biopolymers. Properties and prospects of practical application
V.S. Bezborodov, M.A. Kushner, T.S. Seliviorstava
PI.4 Comparision of polarimetric and crystal rotation methods of tilt angle determination
A. Karetnikov, L.P. Amosova, D.A. Vakulin, N.A. Karetnikov, A.P. Kovshik and E.I. Ryumtsev
PI.5 Comparison of electro-optical characteristics of the LC cells with CdSe/ZnS semiconductor quantum dots added in the nematic LC matrix and in the polyimide alignment layer
E.O. Gavrish, I.F. Galin, D.A. Vakulin, E.A. Konshina, M.V. Muhina
PI.6 Optical response features of LC cells doped with CdSe/ZnS quantum dots
I.F. Galin, E.A. Konshina
PI.7 Device for real time spectropolarimetry based on liquid crystal polarization diffraction grating
N. Hakobyan
, N. Tabiryan, H. Margaryan, T. Sargsyan, P. Gasparyan, D. Hovhannisyan, H. Chilingaryan, D. Pokhsraryan
PI.8 Liquid-crystal tunable photonic crystal fiber polarization switch
Dimitrios C. Zografopoulos
, Alexandros Pitilakis, and Emmanouil E. Kriezis
PI.9 Ion absorption associated with Flexoelectric effects in the Fringe Field Switching (FFS)In Won Jang, Il Hwa Jeong, Dea Hyung Kim, Young Jin Lim, Jun Hee Lee, Young Eun Choi, Seung Hee Lee, Seon Hong Ahn, Sung Ho Cho, and Chung Lee
PI.10 Liquid Crystalline and Charge Transport Properties of Octa-Substituted Alkyl and Fluoroalkyl Phthalocyanines for a Bulk Heterojunction Layer in Organic PhotovoltaicsLydia Sosa-Vargas, Fabien Nekelson, Yukimasa Matsuda,Minokazu Takahashi, Akihiko Fujii, Masanori Ozaki,Yo Shimizu
PI.11 Spectral properties of photonic crystal structure with the polymer dispersed liquid crystal film as a defect layer
V.Ya. Zyryanov
, V.A. Gunyakov, M.N. Krakhalev, S.A. Myslivets, V.G. Arkhipkin, V.F. Shabanov, and W. Lee
PI.12 Liquid Crystal Fabry-Perot Tunable Filter – Design and Polarization Independence Operation
Sivan Isaacs
,Frank Placido, and Ibrahim Abdulhalim
PI.13 Low frequency electrooptical response of porous PET films filled with a nematic liquid crystalA. Chopik, S. Pasechnik, A. K. Srivastava, D. Semerenko, D. Shmeliova, V. Chigrinov
PI.14 Comparison between nanoparticles trapping in cholesteric distorted films and smectic dislocations
E. Lacaze
, J. Pendery, O. Merchiers, D. Coursault, J. Grand, H. Ayeb, R. Greget, J.L Gallani, B. Donnio, N. Félidj, Y. Borensztein and C. Rosenblatt
PI.15 Range of ordering in randomly perturbed Nematic liquid crystals
Amid Ranjkesh
, Milan Ambrožič, Tim Sluckin, Samo Kralj
PI.16 Symmetrical time response for dual-frequency HAN twisted LC structure Dmitrii Vakulin and Andrei Ivanov
PI.17 Relationship between thermodynamic parameter and thermodynamic scaling parameter for dynamic properties of nematic liquid crystals
Katsuhiko Satoh
PI.18 Phase behaviour of hard spherical caps: isotropic, nematic and cluster phases
Giorgio Cinacchi
PI.19 Computer simulations of the achiral chromonic dye B15920: formation of novel self-assembled structures and spontaneous symmetry breaking to form chiral aggregates
Romnik Thind
and Mark R. Wilson
PI.20 Coarse-grained simulations of a C9 liquid crystal dimer
Jim Madge
, Martin Walker and Mark R. Wilson
PI.21 Fast-Switching Effect for chiral-nematic LCD
, V.Bezborodov, S.Timofeev and W.Haase
PI.22 UV biodosimeter with visual detection of vitamin D synthesis using θ-cell
I.P. Terenetskaya
, P.S. Kapinos, T.N. Orlova
PI.23 Guanosine aligment: an intringuing scenario
Federica Ciuchi
, Caterina Maria Tone, and Maria Penelope De Santo
PI.24 Liquid-­Crystalline Order in Chromatin Induced by Nucleosome Polarityand Chirality Correlations
R. Garcés
, R. Podgornik , and V. Lorman
PI.25 The investigation of the liquid crystal properties of naturally occurring arsenolipids
M. G. Tamba, Rune Seidler-Egdal, K. Francesconi, G. H. Mehl
PI.26 The effect of the coupling between the nematic and smectic-A order parameters on the optical birefringence near the N-SmA transition of A Non-polar Liquid Crystal Butyloxyphenyl-decyloxybenzoate
M. Cetinkaya
, S. Erkan, S. Yildiz, and H. Ozbek
PI.27 Electro-optical Characteristics of Carbon Nanotupe Doped Liquid Crystal Octylcyanobiphenyl
I. Koseoglu
, M. Cetinkaya, H. Ozbek and S. Yildiz
PI.28 The Determination of Orientatinonal Order Parameters of Polar and Non-polar Liquid Crystals from Birefringence Measurements
S. Ustunel
, S. Erkan,E. Kutlu, M. Cetinkaya and H. Ozbek
PI.29 High-resolution birefringence measurements and the order of the smectic A to nematic phase transition in octylcyanobiphenyl (8CB)
H. Özbek
, M. C. Çetinkaya, S. Yildiz, P. Losada-Pérez, J. Leys, and J.Thoen
PI.30 Synthesis and properties of mesomorphic deuteroderivatives
V.S. Bezborodov
, V.I. Lapanik
PI.31 Large extraordinary refractive index in highly birefringent nematic liquid crystals of dinaphthyldiacetylene-based materials
Yuki Arakawa
, Sungmin Kang, Gen-ichi Konishi, and Junji Watanabe
PI.32 Influence of an external electric field on the SmCtilted subphases.
M. Rjili
, A. Gharbi and J. P. Marcerou
PI.33 Supramolecular and structural features of selectively deuterated ferroelectric lactic acid derivative with helix twist inversion
Valentina Domenici, Alexej Bubnov, Věra Hamplová, Mario Cifelli, Miroslav Kašpar, Alberto Marini, and Carlo Alberto Veracini
PI.34 Orientational structure and phase transition of LC inside pores of PETF filmsPasechnik Sergey, Zarazonova Maria, Semerenko Denis, Shmeliova Dina, Samo Kralj, Torchinskaya Alexandra, Tarasov Pavel
PI.35 Photo-switching Properties of new bent core liquid crystals
Gurumurthy Hegde
, M.R.Lutfor, Mahrokh Avazpour, and M.M.Yusoff
PI.36 Electro-rheological effect of liquid crystalline silsesquioxanes in side-on attachment mixed with low molecular weight liquid crystal
Kosuke Kaneko
, Yutaro Tamiya, Kodai Oto, and Tomonori Hanasaki
PI.37 Electro-rheological effect of gold nanoparticles capped with mesogens dispersed in low molecular weight liquid crystal
Kosuke Kaneko
, Yoshihiro Ujihara, Kodai Oto, and Tomonori Hanasaki
PI.38 Mesomorphic properties of new 3,5-disubstituted 4,5-dihydroisoxazoles and their derivatives
S.G. Mikhalyonok
, V.S. Bezborodov, D.A. Litvinau
PI.39 Anisotropic unsaturated epoxy ketones and their derivatives
S.G. Mikhalyonok
, N.M. Kuzmenok, V.S. Bezborodov
PI.40 New mesomorphic 2,6-disubstituted naphtalenes
S.G. Mikhalyonok
, V.S. Bezborodov, U.U. Astraverkhau
PI.41 Self-organization and mesomorfism of hard triangular shaped particles
Fotis Priftis and Alexandros G. Vanakaras
PI.42 Enhancement of Birefringence in Liquid Crystal by Doping Anisotropic Metallic Nanostructures
Yasuhiro Ogawa, Hiroyuki Yoshida, and Masanori Ozaki
PI.43 Calamitic Liquid Crystalline Compounds involving Naphthalen azomesogen with terminalCyanogroup.
B .T. Thaker
, Neeraj Patel,D.M.Patel and Kalpesh Patel
PI.44 Synthesis, Characterization, andPphase transition studies on some N-(4-butyloxy benzylidene)-4-alkoxy anilines, 4O.Om compounds – A dilatometric studyM. Saraswathi, D. Madhavi Latha, P. Pardhasaradhi, P. V. Datta Prasad and V. G. K. M. Pisipati
PI.45 Temperature Dependence of the Critical Magnetic Field and the Dielectric Susceptibility for the Smectic A- Smectic C* Transition in DOBAMBC
H. Yurtseven
, A. Abdelal
PI.46 Electrooptic effects in liquid- crystalline colloids
T.D. Ibragimov
and G.M.Bayramov
PI.47 Phase Transition Properties of Homologous Series of nAL and nHL Ferroic Mesogens
Shubha Singh
, Shri Singh
PI.48 Chiral liquid crystals for the experimental demonstration of radiation pressure of light controlled by the photon spinGeorgiy Tkachenko and Etienne Brasselet
PI.49 Cross over temperature and breadth to length ratio in 6o.m compounds – an optical studyVGKM Pisipati, D. Madhavi Latha and PV Datta Prasad and MRKN Rao
PI.50 BaTiO3 ferroelectric nanoparticles dispersed in nematic liquid crystal 6CHBT: Dielectric and Electro-optical characterizationM B Pandey, U B Singh, R Dhar, and R Dabrowski


Poster Session II – Tuesday, 24/9

PII.1 Novel Fluorinated Ferroelectric Organosiloxane Liquid Crystals Mono Vs Bi-mesogens, A Comparison
W. M. Zoghaib
, C. Carboni, A. K. George, S. Z. Al-Abri, E. A. Al-Nasseri, M. M. Al-Masroori, M. M. Al-Yahyaee, S. S. Al-Busaidi
PII.2 Tuning Liquid-Crystalline Properties with Methylated Cyanobiphenyls
Thibault Dutronc
, Emmanuel Terazzi, Kerry-Lee Buchwalder,
Sébastien Floquet, Laure Guénée and Claude Piguet
PII.3 Implementing Liquid-Crystalline Properties in Single-Stranded Dinuclear Lanthanide Helicates
Emmanuel Terazzi
, Amir Zaïm, Bernard Bocquet, Johan Varin, Laure Guénée, Thibault Dutronc, Jean-François Lemonnier, Sébastien Floquet, Emmanuel Cadot, Benoît Heinrich, Bertrand Donnio, and Claude Piguet
PII.4 Multiple Hydrogen Bonded Mesomorphic Complexes between Complementary 1,3,5-Triazine and Pyrimidine Derivatives Alexandra Kohlmeier, Laura Vogel and
Dietmar Janietz
PII.5 Addressing Liquid Crystal Properties by Molecular Corrugation
Z. Ahmed, G.H. Mehl
PII.6 Synthesis and characterization of a Novel Fluorinated Ferroelectric Organosiloxane Monomesogenic Liquid Crystal (C-11)
S. Z. Al-Abri
PII.7 ESR and DNMR Spectroscopic Studies of the Twist-bend Nematic Phase Alya Dawood, Martin Grossel, Geoffrey Luckhurst, Vasily Oganesyan, Bakhir Timimi, Yousif Zora Yousif
PII.8 Synthesis and Properties of Novel Liquid Crystal with Bulky Terminal Groups Designed for Bookshelf Geometry Ferroelectric MixturesRami Pashameah and Michel Hird
PII.9 Nematic mixtures of rods and discs – synthesis and investigation Chris Welch and Georg H. Mehl
PII.10 Physical gels made of liquid crystalline B4 phaseAnna Zep, Kaja Sitkowska, Miroslaw Salamonczyk, Damian Pociecha, Ewa Gorecka
PII.11 Discontinuous thermal diffusivity change due to the anchoring transition of a liquid crystal on a perfluoropolymer surface
Michiru Uehara
, Satoshi Aya, FumitoAraoka, Ken Ishikawa, Hideo Takezoe, and Junko Morikawa
PII.12 Confinement and field effects on director fluctuations in nematic liquid crystal probed by Fourier-space microscopy Alenka Mertelj and Martin Čopič
PII.13 Symmetry breaking in orientational ordering and domain patterns
Uroš Jagodič
, Jacob Staines, Robert Repnik, Samo Kralj
PII.14 Capacitance and optical studies of elastic, dielectric and optical properties in the dimer system CB-C9-CB H. Cachitas, J. L. Figueirinhas, C. Cruz, M. G. Tamba, A. Kohlmeier, G. H. Mehl
PII.15 New geometries for confined nematic liquid crystals Francesca Serra, Shane M. Eaton, Roberto Cerbino, Marco Buscaglia, Giulio Cerullo, Roberto Osellame, Takeaki Araki and Tommaso Bellini
PII.16 Interface tension of smectic membranes in water
Kirsten Harth
, and Ralf Stannarius
PII.17 Light-induced easy axis disordering in nematic liquid crystals on photoaligned substrates
A.V. Dubtsov
, S.V. Pasechnik, D.V. Shmeliova, Alexei D. Kiselev and V.G. Chigrinov
PII.18 Light-induced structural transitions in microdroplets of nematic liquid crystals
A. V. Dubtsov
, S. V. Pasechnik, D. V. Shmeliova, D. A. Semerenko, A. S. Ganenko, Samo Kralj
PII.19 Phase transition effect on nematic LC alignment at inhomogeneous surfaces
Natalie Aryasova
and Yuri Reznikov
PII.20 Optical anisotropy and orientational structures within stretched «polymer-LC-surfactant» composite films
O.O. Prishchepa
, M.N. Krakhalev, V.P. Gerasimov, V.A. Loiko, and V.Ya. Zyryanov
PII.21 Patterns induced by superposed AC and DC electric voltages in nematic liquid crystals
Nándor Éber
, Péter Salamon, Balázs Fekete, Ridvan Karapinar, Marla Sacks and Ágnes Buka
PII.22 On an objective experimental method for the determination of the electrohydrodynamic instability thresholds in a nematic liquid crystal
E. Ramou
, H.M. Zenginoglou, P.L.Papadopoulos
PII.23 Formation and control of the periodic disclination lines arrays in the twist and supertwist polarization gratings in a liquid crystal cell D. Lysenko, K. Slyusarenko, P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano, Y. Reznikov, and G. Cipparrone
PII.24 Achromatic polarization grating in liquid crystal cell with modulated twist structure
K. Slyusarenko
, N. Sheremet, Yu. Kurioz, M. Trunov, and Yu. Reznikov
PII.25 Chemiluminescence enhancement in cholesteric liquid crystal shells
Yosuke Iwai
, Yoshiaki Uchida and Norikazu Nishiyama
PII.26 Shear alignment of anisometric macroscopic grains
Ralf Stannarius
, Sandra Wegner, Balácz Szabó, and Tamás Börzsönyi
PII.27 A novel liquid crystal temperature sensor based on modal control principle J.F. Algorri, V. Urruchi, J.M. Sánchez-Pena, N. Bennis
PII.28 The symmetric liquid crystal dimer α,ω-bis(4,4’-cyanobiphenyl) nonane(CB9CB). A new case of twist-bend nematic liquid crystal?
B. Robles-Hernández, M.R. de la Fuente, D.O. López, N. Sebastián, J. Salud and M.B.
PII.29 Phase eptanes in the binary liquid crystal mixtures of α,ω-bis(4,4’- cyanobiphenyl) eptanes(CB7CB) and
α,ω-bis(4,4’-cyanobiphenyl) nonane(CB9CB)
J.Font, D.O. López, la Fuente, B. Robles-Hernández, N.Sebastián, M.B.Ros, J.Salud
PII.30 Dielectric and thermodynamic studies on the liquid crystal dimer α-(2’,4-difluorobiphenyl-4’-yloxy)-ω-(4-cyanobiphenyl-4’-yloxy)nonane (FFO9OCB)

B. Robles-Hernández
, D.O. López, N. Sebastián, M.R. de la Fuente, J. Salud, D.A. Dunmur, M.A. Pérez-Jubindo, G.R. Luckhurst
PII.31 Magnetic field controlled polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Blaž Zupančič
, Mojca Čepič, Zdravko Kutnjak and Boštjan Zalar
PII.32 Pretransitional Layer Contraction at SmA*-to-SmC* Phase Transition Yoshiaki Uchida, Katsuaki Suzuki, Rui Tamura, Yoshio Aoki, and Hiroyuki Nohira
PII.33 3D mesophases among 4,4’-bis(4’’-carboxybenzyloxy)biphenyl derivatives
Karolina Madrak
, J. Mieczkowski, M. Wójcik, E. Górecka and D. Pociecha
PII.34 New high birefringent isothiocyanates based on quaterphenyl and phenylethynyltolane molecular cores.
Jakub Herman
and Przemysław Kula
PII.35 Synthesis and physic-chemical properties of laterally substituted 2-oxo-2H-chromen-6-yl 4- octyloxybenzoate derivatives
Hiroaki Okamoto
, Hiroyuki Fudera, and Yuki Morita
PII.36 Room-Temperature Redox-Active Tetraazaacene-Based Liquid Crystals
Kyosuke Isoda
,Tomonori Abe, and Makoto Tadokoro
PII.37 Structural Phase Verification in Langmuir Liquid Crystal Films
Ramneek Kaur, K.K Raina
PII.38 Self-sustained homeotropic alignment of nematic liquid crystals in azo dye complex
Rishi Kumar and K.K. Raina
PII.39 Novel blue phase forming cholesteryl benzoates dimers derived from lithocholic moiety
M. C. Varia
PII.40 Thermodynamic parameters and their variation with temperature and chain length in a number of symmetric dimeric liquid crystals
D. Madhavi Latha, V. G. K. M. Pisipati and P. V. Datta Prasad
PII.41 Estimation of order parameter from different models in symmetric dimeric liquid crystals D. Madhavi Latha, V.G.K.M.Pisipati, P.Pardhasaradhi, P.V.Datta Prasad and G.Padmaja Rani
PII.42 Multiple nematic phases observed for chiral mesogenic dimers
Anna Zep, Satoshi Aya, Kenji Aihara, Kenji Ema, Kaja Sitkowska, Karolina Madrak, Damian Pociecha, Hideo Takezoe, Ewa Gorecka
PII.43 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of H-shaped liquid crystals containing –CN / –C12H25 as the terminal substituents
Milena Kolpaczynska, Monika Gora, and Jozef Mieczkowski
PII.44 Blue phases of the photosensitive chiral-doped liquid crystals Igor Gvozdovskyy
PII.45 Wetting in nematic liquid-crystal droplets: radial configuration Erfan Kadivar
PII.46 Wetting and prewetting behavior of a disk like particleofnematic liquid crystal
Erfan Kadivar
, ShahramAhmadi Darani, Mohammad Ali Shahzamanian, Saeide Saghafi
PII.47 On effect of divergent term in the Frank energy of nematic liquid crystal Alexey Kalugin
PII.48 Pressure variation reentrant phenomena in a binary mixture of liquid crystal: A role of layer spacing ?? Sunita, and Shri Singh
PII.49 Kinetics of Phase Ordering in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Amrita Singh, Shaista Ahmad, Shri Singh, and Sanjay Puri
PII.50 Flexoelectric domains and chiral symmetry breaking in nematic
cells with hybrid alignment

B.A. Umanskii
, S.P. Palto, M.I. Barnik, N.M. Shtykov
PII.51 Study of whispering gallery modes in liquid crystal (8CB) across SmA-Nematic transition
T. Arun Kumar
, Nirmal K Vishwanathan and Surajit Dhara
PII.52 Study of the electro-optical properties of the Deformable Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalsat the Total Internal Reflection Region
T. Arun Kumar
, EvgeneyPozhidaev, Frank Placido and Ibrahim Abdulhalim
PII.53 Univocal determination of twisted nematic liquid crystal cells parameters using a simple experimental approach
P.J. Pinzón, I. Pérez, C. Vázquez and J.M.S. Pena


Poster Session III – Thursday, 26/9

PIII.1 Synthesis, properties and electo-optical measurements of cyano ether chiral dopants for a ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture.
Viswanath Reddy, David Benoit, and Robert A Lewis
PIII.2 Star-shaped tristriazolotriazines: fluorescent discotic liquid crystals
Heiner Detert
,Thorsten Rieth, and Stefan Glang
PIII.3 Novel chiral dopants for nematic materials
P. Kula
, J. Herman, O. Chojnowska, R. Dąbrowski
PIII.4 Nanosegregated Liquid-Crystalline Assemblies for Ion Transportation
Masafumi Yoshio
, Bartolome Soberats, Seiya Shimizu, Takahiro
Ichikawa, Satomi Taguchi, Hiroyuki Ohno, and Takashi Kato
PIII.5 Nano-segregated liquid-crystalline systems composed of two ionic liquid nano-domains with different polarities
Satomi Taguchi
, Takahiro Ichikawa, Takashi Kato,and Hiroyuki Ohno
PIII.6 Calamitic – Discotic Mesomorphism with Reversible Change of Molecular Anisotropy: an Alkoxyazobenzene-Triphenylene SystemDaisuke Tanaka, Hisato Ishiguro, Daiju Okuda, Tatsuya Shirasu, Ryota Minobe,Kingo Uchida and Yo Shimizu
PIII.7 Utilization of amide linking group in the design of bent-shaped liquid crystals
Jiří Svoboda
, Martin Horčic, Václav Kozmík, Vladimíra Novotná, and Damian Pociecha
PIII.8 Synthesis and properties of bent-shaped liquid crystals with 2-substituted 3-hydroxybenzoic acid central core Lenka Pallová, Václav Kozmík, Jiří Svoboda, Vladimíra Novotná
PIII.9 Design and Investigation of Novel Star Shaped Liquid Crystalline Molecules
Z. Ahmed
, G.H. Mehl
PIII.10 Formation of thermotropic and non-aqueous lyotropic bicontinuous cubic liquid crystal phases by novel alkyl-bis(imidazolium) salts
Lily A. Robertson
, Magdalene R. Schenkel, and Douglas L. Gin
PIII.11 Ionic Liquid Crystals Based on Viologens dimers: chain length effects on the mesophase type and stability
Giacomo Saielli
, Marcella Bonchio, Mauro Carraro, Girolamo Casella, Valerio Causin, and Federico Rastrelli
PIII.12 Dielectric response in thin cells of SmAPF made of bent-core liquid crystals
Kristina Gornik
, and Nataša Vaupotič
PIII.13 Interaction between nematic colloids with different types of defects
K. Izaki
, Y. Iwashita, and Y. Kimura
PIII.14 Contribution of dielectric techniques to the study of liquid crystalline systems
Polycarpos Pissis
, Sotiria Kripotou, Apostolos Kyritsis, and Dimosthenis Georgopoulos
PIII.15 Effects of Carbon Nanotubes on Electro-Optical Characteristics in Liquid Crystal Cell with a Negative Dielectric Anisotropy Driven by Fringe Field Switching
Hye Ryung Park
, No Hyun Park, Young Jin Lim, Weiwei Tei, Singh Jay, and Seung Hee Lee
PIII.16 Self assembly and dynamics of benzothiophene derivatives
Christos Grigoriadis
, Yves Geerts, and George Floudas
PIII.17 Uniaxial and biaxial nematic phases in sodium dodecyl sulphate – decanol – D2O lyotropic mixtures. An optical conoscopy study. O. R. dos Santos, W. S. Braga, A.J. Palangana, L.Q. Amaral
PIII.18 Synthesis and investigation of rod-shaped mesogens functionalized with ethylenoxy chains
F. Z. Al-Qahtany
, G. H. Mehl
PIII.19 Directed Macroscope Self-Assembly of Peptide Amphiphile Nanofibers Through Liquid Crystal Templating
P. van der Asdonk
, D. Voerman, B.E.I. Ramakers, D.W.P.M. Löwik, J.C.M. van Hest, A.E. Rowan, P.H.J. Kouwer
PIII.20 A sliding phase of magnetic nanorods
Kostyantyn Slyusarenko
, Doru Constantin, and Patrick Davidson
PIII.21 Signature of phase transitions on the magnetic properties of 6CB-based ferronematics
Natalia Tomasovicova
, Jozef Kovac, Nandor Eber, Tibor Toth-Katona, Zuzana Mitroova, Jozefina Majorosova, Jan Jadzyn, and Peter Kopcansky
PIII.22 Wrinkling Labyrinth Janus Particles Probed by Nematic Liquid Crystals
A.C. Trindade
, A.P.C. Almeida, S.N. Fernandes, J.P. Canejo, M.H. Godinho
PIII.23 Defect structure around micro-fiber in nematic and cholesteric liquid crystal
Maryam Nikkhou
, Miha Škarabot, and Igor Muševič
PIII.24 3D structures made by self-assembly of liquid-crystalline nanoparticles
J. Mieczkowski
, W. Lewandowski, M. Wójcik, M. Kołpaczyńska, M. Góra, D. Pociecha, E. Górecka
PIII.25 The N-SmA phase transition of liquid-crystalline elastomers
Marta Lavrič, Dominic Kramer, Maja Trček, George Cordoyiannis, Ioannis Lelidis, Heino Finkelmann and Zdravko Kutnjak
PIII.26 A new class of liquid crystal polymers based on bent-core mesogenic units: synthesis and structural characterization F. Vita, K. Sparnacci, I.F. Placentino, M. Laus, S. Marino, N. Scaramuzza, C. Ferrero, S. Torgova, G. Galli, and O. Francescangeli
PIII.27 Photoinduced Reversible Actuation of Uncrosslinked Photochromic Liquid Crystalline Polymer Sung-In Lee, Hyong Jong Choi, Liang-Chy Chien, Kwang-Un Jeong, and Myong-Hoon Lee
PIII.28 New Nematic and Smectic A Liquid Crystal Elastomers: preparation, chemical and physical investigations Valentina Domenici, Jerneja Milavec, Alexej Bubnov, Blaž Zupančič, Věra Hamplová, Damian Pociecha, Miroslav Kašpar, Ewa Gorecka, Boštjan Zalar
PIII.29 Self – assembly and dynamics of nanographenes containing flexible PEG chains
George Zardalidis
, Katrin Wunderlich, Markus Klapper, Klaus Mullen and George Floudas
PIII.30 Self-assembly of donor-acceptor complex of polymer and dendron
Ruibin Zhang
, Xiangbing Zeng, Hao-Jan Sun, Goran Ungar, Virgil Percec
PIII.31 Liquid Crystalline Water Based Cellulose System Studied by Rheo-NMR Yong Geng, Pedro L. Almeida, Gabriel M.Feio, João L.Figueirinhas and Maria H. Godinho
PIII.32 The influence of anisotropic nanoparticles on blue phase stabilization Marta Lavrič, Vasilios Tzitzios, Maja Trček, Samo Kralj, George Nounesi, Ioannis Lelidi, George Cordoyiannis and Zdravko Kutnjak
PIII.33 Azo dendrimer for device applications
Hideoo Takezoe,
Takuya Ikeda, Guksik Lee, Satoshii Aya, Osamu Haba, Koichiro Yonetake, Yuichi Momoi, Fumito Araoka, Ken Ishikaw
PIII.34 Conoscopic image of a biaxial negative nematic phase in a potassium laurate — decanol – D2O mixture. W. S. Braga, O. R. dos Santos, D. D. Luders, A. R. Sampaio, N. M. Kimura, M. Simões, A.J.Palangana
PIII.35 Capacitance and optical studies of elastic, dielectric and optical properties in an organosiloxane tetrapode reported to exhibit a NB phase. S. Polineni, J. L. Figueirinhas, C. Cruz, D. A. Wilson and G. H. Mehl
PIII.36 Shape-persistent V-shaped nematogens with cyclohexane units
Matthias Lehmann
, Stefan Maisch
PIII.37 Molecular mobility in liquid crystalline polyacrylate, polymethacrylate, and polysiloxane with mesogenic side groups of different structure studied by dielectric spectroscopy and thermally stimulated depolarization currents
Natalia Nikonorova
, Sotiria Kripotou, Polycarpos Pissis
PIII.38 Study of phase transitions and dynamics in liquid crystalline semifluorinated side-chain poly(methacrylate) random copolymers by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
Sotiria Kripotou
, Christos Pandis, Apostolos Kyritsis, Doris Pospiech, Dieter Jehnichen, Polycarpos Pissis
PIII.39 Ferroelectricity and nanosegregation in Janus- type dendromesogensstudied by SHG interferometry and X-ray diffraction.S. Rodríguez-Conde, G. Sanz-Enguita, N. Gimeno, J. Vergara, M. Cano, J. L. Serrano, M. B. Ros, J. Ortega, C. L. Folcia, J. Etxebarria
PIII.40 Magnetic field induced ordering in lyotropic liquid crystal
Peter Kopcansky, Jozef Kovac, Natalia Tomasovicova, Milan Timko, Jozefina Majorosova, Vlasta Zavisova, Zuzana Mitroova, Zuzana Gazova, Katarina Siposova, and Xavier Chaud
PIII.41 Phase behavior of T- and V- shaped amphiphilic three block molecules.
Stavros D. Peroukidis
PIII.42 Phase behavior of hard board-like mesogens
Stavros D. Peroukidis, Alexandros G. Vanakaras and Demetri J. Photinos
PIII.43 Phase Diagrams of Orientation Transitions in Polymer-doped Nematic Liquid Crystals
M.P. Smayev
, I.A. Budagovsky, V.N. Ochkin, S.A. Shvetsov, and A.S. Zolot’ko
PIII.44 Ring Type Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
Asi Solodar
, Iftach Klapp, and Ibrahim Abdulhalim
PIII.45 Electronically Switchable Liquid Crystal based Antenna
, VGKM Pisipati, P.V.Datta Prasad
PIII.46 Liquid Crystal Polymer based CPW fed Ultra wideband Antenna
B.T.P.Madhav, VGKM Pisipati, P.V. Datta Prasad
PIII.47 The temperature gradient of refractive indices and the cross over temperature (TCO) in number of NO.M liquid crystalline compounds in the visible spectral region
VGKM Pisipati, D. Madhavi Latha and PV Datta Prasad
PIII.48 Length to breadth ratio, (k) for a number liquid crystalline compounds of 5o.m series – an optical study VGKM Pisipati, D. Madhavi Latha and PV Datta Prasad
PIII.49 Simple, accurate, low cost and absolute method of measuring refractive index through autocollimator equipment P. V. Datta Prasad and V. G. K. M. Pisipati
PIII.50 Orientational bistability of ferronematics with soft anchoring of magnetic particles with liquid-crystalline matrix
D.A. Petrov, A.N. Zakhlevnykh
PIII.51 Orientational effects in ferronematics under rotating magnetic field
A.N. Zakhlevnykh, A.N. Boychuk, and D.V. Makarov


Univocal determination of twisted nematic liquid crystal cells parameters
using a simple experimental approach
P.J. Pinzón, I. Pérez, C. Vázquez and J.M.S. Pena